CLEANSPILLS is a 100% biodegradable absorbent. It can be used in all kind of surfaces and on water where it works extremely effective. It’s an organic by-product “peat” totally inert and the process that we make on the product make an absorbent how can old 9 times its own dry weight. CLEANSPILLS absorbs very fast only in contact. Will not become over saturated and excess of liquid will drain away.

On the last 20 years exists many devastating environmental damage and the government law worldwide have been increasing the awareness about the oil, chemicals and other spills anywhere. It is very important also to use a renewable resource absorbent how can hold large quantities of liquid spilled fast (almost 100% in 10 minutes aprox.) and create a small quantity of waste, because the waste is also a problem.  

CLEANSPILLS is grade classified, washed, screened, heat treated and processed under our qualified staff and with and exhaustive test methodology that we apply during all the process in our laboratory. Our product is free of mineral particles or any other chemicals or toxins. Doesn’t contain any pesticide and is safe for the staff how manage the spill.

There are many oil** absorbents currently on the market. Some of them are produced from polypropylene (synthetic woven and not a natural resource). Polypropylene has a limited oil absorbing capacity, is not completely biodegradable and is quite expensive to use in large quantities or still in small quantities but often.

Right now the market is going to a natural resource products suitable for cleaning up oil spills and totally biodegradable. Before Peat moss has been used for this purpose but contains sand and carbon, is a product how is in danger to disappear and especially for the oil spills it doesn’t float on water well and the capacity of absorption is very limited. One pound of peat moss absorbs around 4- 5 pounds of oil and is not totally biodegradable.

During long time also Europe and United States of America, have been using clay, sepiolite, attapulgite, diatomaceous heart, zeolite, etc. and the mineral absorbents have some particular current problems, they don’t have high absorbance capacity, heavy weight (more waste), not consistence after absorb (melted) and the most important is that many articles appears around about that products and the environmental, health and safety departments develop some studies how demonstrate that the products how content silica are carcinogen. CLEANSPILLS is totally inert and not dangerous product.

CLEANSPILLS is flame retardant and make it the product safely than others. Ideal to clean up spills in any conditions and not only in highways, surfaces, soils also in water, because floats and absorbs oil preference to water. Still remains floating on water after even saturated of oil, solvents, and other liquids how float on water. One pound of CLEANSPILL will absorb between eight and ten pounds of crude oil. The extent of the absorption depends of the viscosity of the oil. Reduce the volatile vapors of oil up to 90%. Also reduce the odor on product that absorbs in their majority.

** We say oil but we mean all hydrocarbons and also other liquids like chemicals, solvents, etc.




15 Reasons to Use Cleanspills:

  • Biodegradable 100% (Can be incinerated or composted)
  • No contains chemicals or toxins (no chemicals added)
  • High absorbance capacity (9 times its own weight)
  • Light weight (diminution of waste)
  • Reusable (3-4 times)
  • Effective in all kind of surfaces
  • Retains vapors and odors
  • Fast absorbance (almost 100% in 10 minutes aprox.)
  • Safety manipulation (non carcinogen)
  • Flame retardant (compared with other absorbents)
  • Ideal for all kind of hydrocarbons, chemicals and other liquids how float on water
  • Hydrocarbons selective absorption
  • Renewable organic resource
  • Storage indefinite
  • Non slippery




How to Use Cleanspills:

CLEANSPILLS it arrives to the presented in particulate form for be ready to act in emergency spill response (ESR). Is dispensed particulate because then have and average maximum dimension and the size of the particles is not bigger than one-half inches. The collecting method used is spread the quantity required across the surface where is the spill and whereupon the oil is absorbed, remove from the surface by scoop or shovel inside on the storage safety drum or the container allowed for this cases.




How to Manage The Cleanspills After It Used:

CLEANSPILLS can be squeezed or pressed, filtered and a big quantity of the oil absorbed (65% to 90%) can be reused, otherwise constitute a hazardous and contaminated waste and with this form can be reused, because the best way to recycle is don’t produce waste. CLEANSPILLS can be reused 3-4 times and if is pressed or squeezed.

Another form of manage the waste is by incineration (see your local regulations) or composted for use on the landfill because is 100% biodegradable.





CLEANSPILLS it comes presented in 112 liter bag (7.5kg) and 225 liter bag (15kg)


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Few Applications:

  • Petrol/Service station
  • Airports
  • Chemical plants
  • Parking
  • Shopping Mall
  • Highway
  • Train/Bus station
  • Mining sites
  • Marine
  • Storage warehouses
  • Navy/Military
  • Fire and Police departments
  • Automotive
  • Metallurgical
  • Plastic Industry




Main Liquids Absorbed:

Acetone, Benzene, Butanol, Chloroform, Corn Oil, Crude Oil, Cutting Oils, Diesel Fuels, Ethanol,
Gasoline, Jet Fuels, Kerosene, Methanol, Motor Oils, Oil base Paints, Oil base Ink, Oil base drilling fluids, Paraffin Oil, Phenol, Propanol, Scintillation Liquid, Silicon Oils, Sulphuric acid, Most Acids, Organic pesticides, Herbicides, Disgorge (vomit) and control the smell, Domestic cooking oil, Main Chemicals, Detergents (Be careful health and safety regulations), tiled floors, painted floors, Diethyl Ether, Calcium Hydroxide, Aniline, Mineral Oil, Napthalene, Silver Nitrate, Styrene, Linsed Oil, Morpholine, Nitric acid, Octane, Xylene, etc. FOR ALL THE LIST, PLEASE CHECK IN OUR WEBSITE “Downloads” AND CLICK “PRODUSTS THAT CLEANSPILLS CAN ABSORB”




Disclaimer of Expressed and Implied Warranties

Information presented herein has been compiled from sources considered to be dependable, and is accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief, but is not guaranteed to be so. Since conditions of use are beyond our control, we make no warranties, expressed or implied.

Vendor assumes no responsibility for injury to the buyer or third persons proximately caused by the material if reasonable safety procedures are not adhered to as stipulated in the data sheet. Additionally, vendor assumes no responsibility for injury to buyer or third persons proximately caused by abnormal use of the material, even if reasonable safety procedures are followed. Furthermore, buyer assumes the risk in their use of the material.

All Falcon Spill Absorbents in themselves are considered to be non hazardous. However once used, theses products change the characteristics of the liquid absorbed and this information doesn’t exempt in any case the user to know and apply the regulation in accordance with the local, state and federal regulations.

This information has the unique purpose to help the user to serve their obligations and be a tool for act accordance to the law, but Falcon Spill Absorbents don’t assume any responsibility.







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