Falcon Spill Absorbents (FSA)

Helps companies to solve their oil, chemical or other fluid spills.

We manufacture and distribute a wide range of absorbents for spill responses, we provide a comprehensive range of services to assist companies prevent and cope with liquid spills. FSA is your complete supplier for spill cleanup products. We are the supplier your purchasing agent has been waiting for!!!!!!


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Our Quality Standards

Falcon Spill Absorbents (FSA) provides immediate supplies of the highest performance and most cost-effective spill response products on the marketplace. We provide solutions for a cleaner world. All spill response products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards. Falcon Spill Absorbents is integrally involved in promoting industry best practice recommendations for oil and chemical spill response and spill containment.


Our Commitments to Spill Response

Commitment to the spill response and spill absorbents market and the ability to innovate in products, services and technology, makes Falcon Spill Absorbents (FSA) a leader in our business. Falcon Spill Absorbents (FSA) is a dynamic and very active company in the spill absorbents market, innovating in a large selection of industrial absorbents for oil spill cleanup: sorbent mats and pads, socks, oil booms, pillows, pans, wipes, and spill kits... We are your complete supplier!!!


Become a distributor today

Falcon Spill Absorbents (FSA) is committed to supplying the absorbent spill response market through our extensive distributor network. Our Technical staff located throughout Europe, Asia and America work in close partnership with our network of approved distributors. If you want to become a distributor today, contact us and we will provide you with a "Distributor's Kit", that includes all media, documentation, and photos required to get your own business in spill absorbents. Also we will support you with trainings, exhibitions and annual meetings for performs our relationship and grow together.


A Service Company

Our staff across the world is dedicated to personal attention and quality customer service. Call our Customer Service Center at +66 (0) 850180826 and talk with a person, not a machine.


Ask for Your Free Catalogue!!!

If you'd like a FREE catalogue, please send us and email, fax or a phone call with your details and we will contact and send you all information about us.



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